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Unveiling The Mysteries of Seed and Plant Growth

In the bustling halls of GHS Jakkur, where the spirit of learning thrives, a group of vibrant 8th-grade students embarked on an enlightening journey through Chapter 4 of the Veggie4School Programme: “From Seed to Sprout.” Guided by their curiosity and enthusiasm, students like Abdul Sakib, Akshara, Anjaneya, and Bindushree V delved into the wonders of seeds and plants, eager to explore the mysteries of nature. 

With each lesson, the students discovered connections between their newfound knowledge and the concepts they had learned in their science curriculum. From the intricate anatomy of seeds to the essential requirements for plant growth, they found resonance between classroom teachings and real-world applications, enriching their understanding and appreciation of the natural world. 

As they embarked on the hands-on activity of sowing seeds, excitement filled the air. With eager hands and determined hearts, students like Harshavardhana B, Jyothi, Manjunatha A, and Nandini carefully planted each seed, imbuing them with hopes and dreams of future growth and abundance. The act of sowing seeds became more than just a task; it became a symbol of their commitment to nurturing life and fostering growth. 

Following the seed sowing, students eagerly took up the task of maintaining their plant detective journals. With meticulous detail, they recorded their daily observations, noting down their activities such as sowing, watering, and even the weather conditions. Through these journals, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery and learning, deepening their connection with the natural world around them. 

Amidst the bustling energy of GHS Jakkur, a sense of unity and purpose flourished among the students. From Mohammed Imad to Suryansh, each student embraced the opportunity to learn and grow, fostering a community of curiosity and exploration. As they tended to their seeds with care and diligence, they knew that they were not just cultivating plants; they were nurturing a passion for learning that would continue to blossom and thrive for years to come. 


  • Seed Identification Success: After this lesson, majority of the students can identify which seeds grow into which plant. 88% 88%
  • Clarity in Sowing Instructions: Majority of the students found it easy to understand the instructions for sowing seeds. 83% 83%
  • Understanding of Watering Young Seedlings: Many of the students reported having a very good understanding of watering young seedlings. 83% 83%
  • Improved Understanding of Plant Growth: Following the workshop, most of the students reported an improvement in their understanding of plant growth. 88% 88%

Unified Preferences, Shared Knowledge

  • Preference for Growing Pots:A vast majority (88%) of students favored using growing pots, attributing them to be better suited for nurturing plants
  • Will to Share Knowledge:An encouraging 83% of students expressed a definite willingness to share their newfound knowledge on horticulture with others.

In the end, as the seeds began to sprout and grow, the impact of Chapter 4 reverberated through the halls of GHS Jakkur. Students like Pavani S, Sadik, Sri Janani L, and Vignesh Gowda S emerged not only as caretakers of the garden but also as ambassadors of knowledge and growth. With each new leaf and every tender shoot, they knew that they were sowing the seeds of a brighter, greener future—one where curiosity flourished, and learning knew no bounds. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Abdul Sakib, Akshara, Anjaneya, Anushka Choudki, Arunkumar, B Manu, B Prashanth, Barna Das, Bindushree V, Chaitra Bai, Charvini, Dhananjay M K, Dhanush M, Dhanyatha A, Gayathri, Hajeera Reyan, Hanumatharaya, Harishitha K V, Harsha, Harshavardhana B, Jayadeep A, Jeeth Adhikari, Jyothi, Likhith S, Lishitha S, Madhumitha, Manjunatha A, Manojkumar, Manunaika, Mohammed Irfan, Mohammed Tahir, Mohammed Farhan, Mohammed Imad, Mohammed Munthajir, Mohammed Mursalin, Monika M, Ngaraja P, Nandini, Pavani S, Pushpa, Ramachandran, Ramya M, Rohith R, S Anilkumar, Sadik, Saphia Jainab, Sagar S D, Samreen, Samuel, Sangareddy S, Shravanth, Somnath Mondal, Sri Janani L, Suryansh, Vignesh Gowda S, Jainab.