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"Unite for Purpose, Nourish, Educate, Empower"

When People are concerned, Corporates Return, Mothers Earn, and Children Learn.


Empower students with our Veggie4School Programme, blending interactive gardening with lessons in sustainability.


Cultivating Change: Miss-Collect, ThaliGrowPots, and Miss-GreenGrowth  Unite for Women’s Empowerment


The Thali-GrowPots merge India’s culinary heritage with sustainable gardening, fostering community, sustainability, and cultural connection through eco-friendly pots inspired by the traditional Thali.

Welcome to Miss-Collect

At Miss-Collect, we’re pioneering a transformative educational journey with our unique programs: Veggie4School, Miss-GreenGrowth, and our innovative product, ThaliGrow-Pots. Our educational endeavours are rooted in a powerful theory of change designed to foster lasting impact by improving education, empowering women, eliminating child labour, and ensuring a sustainable future. Through Veggie4School, we engage students in interactive gardening, teaching sustainability hands-on. Miss-GreenGrowth and ThaliGrow-Pots bring traditional values and modern sustainability to the forefront, empowering communities, especially women, towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join us in making education a catalyst for global change.

Our Theory of Change: When People are concerned, Corporates Return, Mothers Earn, and Children Learn.


Our commitment lies in driving positive environmental and societal change. We emphasise fair trade, waste reduction, and recycling, promoting responsible actions that make a real difference.


Collaborate with us to foster a sustainable economy. Our “Paper-Trade” campaign is instrumental in creating child labour-free supply chains and encouraging responsible paper recycling.


At the heart of Miss-Collect’s ethos is the belief that education opens doors to sustainable jobs and financial stability. Empowering women leads to enhanced futures for them and their communities.


Our commitment extends to ensuring educational access for all children, with a special focus on providing safe and supportive environments for those affected by child labour.

with our Integrated Stakeholder Solution, Miss-Collect aims to enact a comprehensive and sustainable transformation in communities worldwide. By integrating these four core principles into our work, we believe that we can achieve a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, contribute to their society, and live in a more sustainable world. Join us on this journey of empowerment, sustainability, and education.

Become Part of a Movement That Brings Food to every table, Schooling for every child, and Decent Income for Their Mothers.

Veggie4School, Impact Tracker

Planting Seeds, Growing Minds Your Middle School ?Gardening Guide Grow. Learn. Taste. ?

We’re on a mission to bring the Veggie4School program to 4000 students, empowering them with sustainable education and hands-on environmental experiences. Watch our community grow as we inch closer to our goal, one child at a time. Your support can make all the difference!

Schools Participating

Our program has reached 11 schools, creating dynamic learning environments where sustainability is taught and experienced.

Classrooms Engaged

In 15 classrooms, we’re nurturing young minds to think green. Each classroom is a seedbed for environmental awareness and responsibility.

Children Enrolled

We’ve already impacted 672 children, instilling in them sustainable living values.

Explore the Visual Journey of the Veggie4School Program

Each participating school showcases a transformation into a vibrant green space, illustrating the profound impact of sustainability education. Witness how classrooms evolve and students grow into eco-conscious individuals through our gallery of inspiring images. Celebrate these green transformations with us!

Telling Stories that Matter

We believe in Telling Stories that Matter, highlighting the progress of children and their mothers through our CSR initiatives. By sharing their journeys, we inspire others to support our cause. Our CSR donations, with transparent paper trails, ensure responsible sourcing, enabling us to positively impact the environment and society.

Launching a Green Revolution: Thali-GrowPots & Miss-GreenGrowth Empower Women Through Education

Welcome, Visionaries and Changemakers   Today marks a pivotal moment as we unveil the Thali-GrowPots and the Miss-GreenGrowth Programme: Empowerment Through Education. This innovative venture, led by Miss-Collect, is a testament to our dedication to empowerment,...

Bridging Nations for Sustainable Learning

"Every child a Pot can Change a lot,"?Today, the Miss-Collect team had the opportunity to present our Veggie4School programme to the Dutch Consul General of South India. We explored potential collaborations with Dutch companies in Bengaluru, emphasising our commitment...

Prioritising Privacy: Respecting Teenagers Photo Rights ??

Pictures shining from Srirampura! ?Today, with the green light ? from our Green Detectives, we're excited to reveal the cherished moments of our recent Veggie4school workshop in Bengaluru. 15 Students from GHPS Srirampura school: Charan, Karthik, Gagan, Nagma,...

GKMPS Kavalbyrasandra: Cultivating Curiosity, Nurturing Growth

Amidst the bustling streets of Kavalbyrasandra lies GKMPS Kavalbyrasandra, a sanctuary of learning where young minds blossom and flourish. In the 6th and 7th grades, a diverse array of students, including Abhinaya K, Abhishek Kumar, Ambika B, Arshiya, and Baganna,...

GMPS Jakkur: Seeds of Inspiration, Gardens of Knowledge

Nestled within the serene surroundings of Jakkur, GMPS Jakkur stands as a beacon of learning, where young minds embark on journeys of discovery and enlightenment. In the 6th-grade sections A and B, a vibrant tapestry of students, including Aishwarya, Ambreesh, Amith...

Seeds of Curiosity: Journey through GHPS Srirampura

In the picturesque surroundings of Srirampura, where the gentle breeze carries whispers of learning and discovery, GHPS Srirampura stands as a bastion of knowledge and innovation. Within its walls, students of the 6th and 7th grades embarked on a voyage of exploration...

Cultivating Growth at GHPS Sanjeevini Nagar

In the heart of Sanjeevini Nagar, where the sun casts its warmth upon eager minds, lies GHPS Sanjeevini Nagar, a beacon of education and growth. Here, amidst the bustling classrooms and vibrant corridors, students of the 6th and 7th grades embarked on a journey of...

Cultivating Environmental Consciousness: GHPS Agrahara Badavane’s Green Crusaders

In the tranquil setting of GHPS Agrahara Badavane, a spirit of eco-awareness flourished as students embarked on a journey of environmental exploration and sustainability. Guided by their esteemed Headmaster, Mr. Naik, and fueled by their passion for protecting the...

Eco Heroes of GHPS Kogilu: A Journey of Environmental Stewardship

In the serene surroundings of GHPS Kogilu, a spirit of environmental stewardship flourished as students embarked on a journey of eco-discovery and sustainability. Guided by their esteemed Headmaster, Mr. Thimmegowda, and fueled by their passion for protecting the...

Eco Explorers Unearth the Magic of Soil and Composting at GHS Jakkur

Amidst the lush greenery of GHS Jakkur, a wave of excitement swept through the corridors as students embarked on a transformative journey of environmental exploration and discovery. Led by their visionary Headmistress, Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi, and fueled by their...

Cultivating Green Minds: The Eco Explorers of GMPS Jakkur

In the leafy surroundings of GMPS Jakkur, a spirit of environmental stewardship thrived among the students, fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world and a commitment to sustainable living. Under the guidance of their esteemed Headmaster, Mrs. Rukmini, and...

Eco-Adventurers of GKMPS KG Halli: Nurturing the Earth with Composting Magic

In the verdant surroundings of GKMPS KG Halli, a sense of environmental stewardship flourished among the students, igniting a passion for sustainability and ecological conservation. Guided by their dedicated teacher, Mr. Diwakar, and fueled by their collective...

Nurturing Nature: The Eco-Explorers’ Journey at GKMPS Cox Town

In the bustling corridors of GKMPS Cox Town, a spirit of eco-consciousness thrived among the students as they eagerly embraced the challenge of becoming stewards of the environment. Under the nurturing guidance of their dedicated teacher, Mrs. Shantha Mary, and with...

Our Partners and Donors

Our stakeholder community, embracing sustainable companies and passionate individuals, is equally valued within the Miss-Collect Community. We champion the power of collaboration, uniting diverse members for enhanced effectiveness, innovative problem-solving, and progress. The focus now turns to our initiative-takers, the driving force behind our mission

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