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Every Child a Pot can Change a Lot



Veggie4school programme

Our story, 

Welcome to Miss-Collect, Our Theory of Change is simple: "When People Concern, Corporates Return, Mothers Earn, and Children Learn." We strive for a sustainable and ethical ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Through our stakeholder solutions, we address concerns and encourage corporate responsibility. We tackle the root causes of child labour and poverty by prioritising education over income.


Believing in the transformative power of education, we empower women and build a brighter future. We aim to create lasting change by promoting education, empowering women, and eradicating child labour for a sustainable future.

Join us in creating a world where concerns are addressed, corporations are accountable, mothers have opportunities, and children can thrive. Together, let's make a lasting difference.

People Concern

We promote responsible actions through “Packaging with a Purpose,” fair trade, waste reduction, and recycling for environmental and societal benefits.

Corporates Return

Join Miss-Collect to promote a sustainable economy, child labour-free supply chains, and responsible paper recycling through the “Paper-Trail” campaign.

Mothers Earn

Education unlocks sustainable jobs and financial stability and empowers women for a better future for themselves and their communities.

Children learn

Ensuring access to education for all children, we prioritise safe, supportive environments for those involved in child labour.

"Empowering Change: Transforming Lives through Sustainable Initiatives and Education"

"Through our "Paper-Trail" campaign, we educate corporations and their employees about the value of their paper waste. Our goal is to empower these businesses and their workforce to make informed decisions, thus contributing to a more sustainable future."

To further promote sustainability, we have developed the eco-friendly "Growing-Pots" DIY Gardening Toolbox using recycled paper. Additionally, we provide educational recovery programs and bridge classes for child waste pickers, allowing them to catch up on missed education and break free from the cycle of child labour.

In our "Veggie4School" programme, children engage in hands-on learning through interactive gardening, fostering personal growth and cultivating an understanding of agriculture and nature. They become environmental stewards, creating a sustainable future through their school gardens.

'Miss-GreenGrowth programme', our Kitchen Gardening programme that equips women in urban slums with sustainable horticulture skills, setting the stage for a greener, healthier future.

Our mission is to create lasting change by promoting education, empowering women, eradicating child labour, and fostering a sustainable future. Join us in making a difference that transforms lives and paves the way for a brighter tomorrow.

"Cultivating healthy minds with Veggie4School!"


Telling Stories that Matter

We believe in Telling Stories that Matter, highlighting the progress of children and their mothers through our CSR initiatives. By sharing their journeys, we inspire others to support our cause. Through transparent paper trails, our CSR donations ensure responsible sourcing, enabling us to impact the environment and society positively.

Prioritising Privacy: Respecting Teenagers Photo Rights 📸🚫

Prioritising Privacy: Respecting Teenagers Photo Rights 📸🚫

Pictures shining from Srirampura! 🌟Today, with the green light 🟢 from our Green Detectives, we're excited to reveal the cherished moments of our recent Veggie4school workshop in Bengaluru. 15 Students from GHPS Srirampura school: Charan, Karthik, Gagan, Nagma,...

Bridging Nations for Sustainable Learning

Bridging Nations for Sustainable Learning

"Every child a Pot can Change a lot,"🌟Today, the Miss-Collect team had the opportunity to present our Veggie4School programme to the Dutch Consul General of South India. We explored potential collaborations with Dutch companies in Bengaluru, emphasising our commitment...

Growing Language by Growing Vegetables

Growing Language by Growing Vegetables

Step into a world of magic and discovery with the Miss-Collect program in Hebbal, Bengaluru! 🌱✨ Right here, dedicated teachers educate children at an early age the wonders of growing vegetables and plants and, in the process, also grow themselves 🌿 The Miss-Collect...

Veggie4school Programme

Veggie4school Programme

#Veggie4school is a new initiative by #MissCollect, teaching kids (age 12-15) how to grow fresh and healthy veggies at school. This is a call to action for lecturers and school management to participate in the first Veggie4school program in Bengaluru, India....

Building a Community of Equal Impact

The community of stakeholders is inclusive and diverse. No distinction is made between sustainable companies and passionate individuals; all are of large value to the Miss-Collect Community. We believe in the power of collaboration for effectiveness, problem-solving and innovation. The focus in the following paragraphs will be on the initiative-takers.

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