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Every Child a Pot can Change a Lot


Growing-Pots: Turning paper waste into biodegradable resources for a greener future

Our Paper Trade

Transform corporate paper waste into educational tools, supporting sustainability.


We are cultivating women’s empowerment and urban green skills in underserved areas.


Empower students with our Veggie4School Programme, blending interactive gardening with lessons in sustainability.

Veggie4School, Impact Tracker

We’re on a mission to bring the Veggie4School program to 4000 students, empowering them with sustainable education and hands-on environmental experiences. Watch our community grow as we inch closer to our goal, one child at a time. Your support can make all the difference!

Schools Participating

Our program has reached 11 schools, creating dynamic learning environments where sustainability is taught and experienced.

Classrooms Engaged

In 15 classrooms, we’re nurturing young minds to think green. Each classroom is a seedbed for environmental awareness and responsibility.

Children Enrolled

We’ve already impacted 684 children, instilling in them sustainable living values. We aim to expand this to 4000, fostering a generation of eco-conscious leaders.

Newsroom: Green Classroom Impact

Every school in the Veggie4School program tells a story of transformation. Classrooms evolve into vibrant green spaces, fostering a deep understanding of sustainability among students. These stories reflect the profound impact of integrating environmental education, as students grow into eco-conscious individuals. Join us in celebrating these journeys, as we share inspiring tales of green classroom impacts from schools participating in our program.

OUR MISSION at Miss-Collect Consortium

Within the Miss-Collect Consortium, our partners include Ciparo Terre des Hommes and Impec. Our mission is to bring about lasting change. We are committed to improving education, empowering women, eliminating child labour, and fostering a sustainable future. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, contributing to improving lives and securing a brighter tomorrow.


Our commitment lies in driving positive environmental and societal change. We emphasise fair trade, waste reduction, and recycling, promoting responsible actions that make a real difference.


Collaborate with us to foster a sustainable economy. Our “Paper-Trade” campaign is instrumental in creating child labour-free supply chains and encouraging responsible paper recycling.


At the heart of Miss-Collect’s ethos is the belief that education opens doors to sustainable jobs and financial stability. Empowering women leads to enhanced futures for them and their communities.


Our commitment extends to ensuring educational access for all children, with a special focus on providing safe and supportive environments for those affected by child labour.

Through these initiatives, the Miss-Collect Consortium drives lasting change by focusing on education, empowering communities, eliminating child labour, and nurturing a sustainable future. Together with Miss-Collect, let’s make a significant impact:

When People are concerned, Corporates Return, Mothers Earn, and Children Learn.

Our Partners and Donors

Our stakeholder community, embracing sustainable companies and passionate individuals, is equally valued within the Miss-Collect Community. We champion the power of collaboration, uniting diverse members for enhanced effectiveness, innovative problem-solving, and progress. The focus now turns to our initiative-takers, the driving force behind our mission

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