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Planting Seeds, Growing Minds

Veggie4school Gardening Guide Grow. Learn. Taste.

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Chapter 1: Grow Your Way to A Greener Future

Chapter 2: From Below the Earth to Above the Sky

Chapter 3: Mysteries of Seed and Plant Growth

Chapter 4: The Great Planting Fest at Vidya Ghat

Chapter 5: Journey to the Perfect Veggie Plat

Chapter 6: Harvest time is here

Veggie4School, Impact Tracker

Schools Participating

Our program has reached 21 schools, creating dynamic learning environments where sustainability is taught and experienced.

Classrooms Engaged

In 33 classrooms, we’re nurturing young minds to think green. Each classroom is a seedbed for environmental awareness and responsibility.

Children Enrolled

We’ve already impacted 1766 children, instilling in them sustainable living values.

Grow, Learn, and Care for Earth

Join us for the Veggie4School program, where students in grades 6 through 8 embark on a six-week journey to learn sustainable living through hands-on gardening and environmental stewardship. Our program, structured around waste management, practical gardening lessons, and nutritional awareness, includes our Veggie Lab, where we grow, observe, and taste various plants. These engaging activities seamlessly integrate into the school curriculum, fostering a passion for sustainability and teaching essential life skills.

V4S: Fun, Hands-On Learning

“Explore narratives of discovery, engage in garden missions, enjoy fun quizzes, and prepare with our detailed guides.”

Engaging Narratives

Missions & Discovery in Every Lesson

Hands-On Garden Missions

Practical Workshop Applications

Interactive Quizzes

Celebrate Learning Milestones

Teacher’s Guide

Preparing Effective Workshops

Capturing Moments, Sharing Memories

Experience the journey of six workshop classes as they flourish through the V4S programme. See how our students learn, grow, and cultivate a love for gardening.


a Thali-GrowPot and support the Veggie4School Program

Support students in grades 6-8 with a six-week, hands-on environmental and gardening journey. Thali-GrowPots teaches sustainable living through waste management, gardening, and tasting lessons. At Veggie4School, children grow, observe, and collaborate, cultivating the next generation of sustainable minds.

What’s Included:

Thali-GrowPots, including six chapters of the V4S gardening guide and training materials. -Expert-led training: six weeks of professional guidance. -Certificate of Participation

Give with Your Heart

Choose your contribution:

  • Equip a student with gardening tools and knowledge to inspire a love for the environment: $12.95
  • Provide a classroom of 35 students with resources for collaborative learning experiences: $ 450.

Join Us in Making a Lasting Impact

Create a brighter future for our children and our planet.

Veggie4School News: Stay Informed, Stay Engaged

Celebrating Environmental Day with Veggie4School!
Celebrating Environmental Day with Veggie4School!

Veggie4School  is more than just a program; it is a movement towards a sustainable lifestyle. On this Environmental Day, we celebrate how our students are learning to make choices that positively impact their health and our planet. By cultivating a passion for...

Bridging Nations for Sustainable Learning
Bridging Nations for Sustainable Learning

"Every child a Pot can Change a lot,"🌟Today, the Miss-Collect team had the opportunity to present our Veggie4School programme to the Dutch Consul General of South India. We explored potential collaborations with Dutch companies in Bengaluru, emphasising our commitment...

Prioritising Privacy: Respecting Teenagers Photo Rights 📸🚫
Prioritising Privacy: Respecting Teenagers Photo Rights 📸🚫

Pictures shining from Srirampura! 🌟Today, with the green light 🟢 from our Green Detectives, we're excited to reveal the cherished moments of our recent Veggie4school workshop in Bengaluru. 15 Students from GHPS Srirampura school: Charan, Karthik, Gagan, Nagma,...

Veggie4School FAQs

What is the Veggie4School Program?

Veggie4School (V4S) is a unique educational program for 6th to 8th graders, focusing on gardening and environmental stewardship. Over 4 months, it introduces students to sustainable gardening, environmental awareness, experiential learning, and nutritional education through hands-on activities and engaging lessons, all in the Kannada language.

Who can join the Veggie4School Program?

The program targets public school students in grades 6-8. Schools interested in participating must have the necessary outdoor space, water access, and administrative support to integrate V4S into their curriculum.

What are the goals of Veggie4School?

V4S aims to foster a generation that practices sustainable gardening, understands the importance of reducing their environmental footprint, appreciates the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, and is actively engaged in environmental protection.

How is the Veggie4School curriculum structured?

The curriculum is built around engaging chapters that take students through the journey of sustainable living, from the basics of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to the intricacies of plant life cycles and the importance of seasonal eating. Each chapter includes narrative learning stories, hands-on workshops, and interactive quizzes.

What are the requirements for schools to enrol in Veggie4School?

Schools must ensure a commitment from their administrative team, have suitable land or space for gardening projects, secure water availability, and foster community engagement for ongoing garden maintenance. Additionally, each participating school receives a V4S DIY Toolbox to kickstart their gardening adventure.

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