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Breaking the Chains of Exploitation

Eradicating Child Labour in the Waste-Picking Industry

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Frequent Asked Questions

We have listed an overview of frequently asked questions and our answers to them. Cannot find your question? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

What kind of organisation is Miss-Collect?
Miss-Collect is a consortium of Indian and Dutch partners, ranging from companies, organizations and NGO’s. All partners have different fields of expertise for the program. Where one has immense knowledge of the paper industry, the other has dedicated their work to combatting child labour.
What is Miss-Collect's Theory of Change?

Miss-Collect’s Theory of Change revolves around establishing a sustainable and ethical ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. By focusing on education, empowering women, and eradicating child labour, Miss-Collect aims to create lasting change. Their initiatives include promoting responsible actions, engaging corporates in ethical supply chains, empowering women through education and sustainable job opportunities, and ensuring that children previously engaged in child labour have access to safe and supportive learning environments.

What is the Veggie4school program?

The Veggie4school program is a gardening initiative for children in grades 7 to 10. It combines hands-on learning and practical tools to help children grow their vegetables, plants, and trees at school.

What learning pathways are offered in the Veggie4school program?

The Veggie4school program offers two learning pathways: Gardening and Health & Nutrition. These pathways are incorporated into the curriculum to teach children about the science behind plant growth, the importance of sustainable agriculture, and the health benefits of fresh, organic vegetables.

What does the Paper Trail campaign aim to achieve?

The Paper Trail campaign addresses child labour in the waste-picking industry and raises consumer awareness of a child labour-free supply chain. It promotes responsible sourcing and advocates for eliminating child labour by highlighting the realities faced by waste-picking children.

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