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"Education empowers women, unlocking equality, sustainability, and global prosperity."


Empower women in Bengaluru’s low-income urban areas through education, entrepreneurship, and environmental action.


A future where women are economically empowered, leading community transformation for a sustainable, equitable society.


Break barriers, defy stereotypes, and unlock women’s potential in urban agriculture, nutrition, and business.


Beyond empowering individuals, our work fosters sustainability, economic growth, and generational change in Bengaluru.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Cultivate Impact—With your support, urban gardening can be transformed into sustainable enterprises, fostering greener communities. Discover partnership opportunities.  

Thali-GrowPots & Miss-GreenGrowth

Explore the Journey of Empowerment: Dive into the Miss-GreenGrowth Programme for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Action that Transforms Lives!

Transform Your World with the Miss-GreenGrowth Urban Agriculture Workshop

Dive into the heart of Bengaluru’s green revolution with the Miss-GreenGrowth Programme’s 4-Day Urban Agriculture Workshop. Designed exclusively for the city’s women, this workshop is more than just learning about gardening—it’s a transformative journey that connects you to the earth, enriches your diet, and opens new economic avenues through an innovative consignment model. 

Pillars of the workshop

Day 1: Mastering Urban Gardening Basics Day one lays the foundation of urban agriculture, introducing participants to the principles of city gardening. Dive into soil preparation, plant selection, and space optimization to maximize yield in limited spaces. This session aims to equip you with the knowledge to start and maintain a vibrant urban garden, setting the stage for sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Day 2: Advanced Urban Gardening Techniques Building On the first day, we delve into advanced gardening techniques focusing on sustainability. Topics include organic pest control, composting, and water conservation methods. The goal is to enhance your garden’s productivity and resilience, ensuring it becomes a sustainable source of fresh produce.

Day 3: Enhancing Health, Reducing Food Waste Explore the health benefits of your garden’s bounty and learn strategies to reduce food waste. This day emphasizes the nutritional value of fresh produce and introduces food preservation techniques. We’ll cover composting to recycle waste and ways to use every part of the plant, aiming for a zero-waste gardening practice that benefits both your health and the environment.

Day 4: Business Skills for Gardeners and Introduction to the Consignment Model Transition your gardening passion into a profitable business. This final day focuses on essential business skills, including marketing, financial management, and networking. Discover how to effectively present and sell your produce. We introduce the Miss-GreenGrowth consignment model, a unique approach that allows you to start your venture with minimal upfront costs. Learn how this model supports economic empowerment and community connections, equipping you to scale your gardening business sustainably.

This workshop offers a holistic approach to urban gardening, from the basics of plant care to innovative business strategies. Whether you’re a novice gardener or looking to turn your green thumb into a green business, this workshop provides the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals. Join us to grow your skills, enhance your health, and contribute to a more sustainable world through urban gardening and entrepreneurship.

FAQ: Miss-GreenGrowth programme

Who is the target audience for the MGG Programme?

The Miss-GreenGrowth Programme is aimed at empowering women in Bengaluru’s low-income urban sectors. It focuses on urban women aged 18-30, diligent mothers and homemakers looking to improve their family’s economic stability and dietary health, and ambitious young women seeking skill enhancement and financial autonomy.

How does the MGG Programme address literacy and learning barriers?

MGG uses practical, visual-based learning and conducts workshops in Kannada to ensure accessibility for all literacy levels. Strategies include visual guides, direct demonstrations, peer learning, and continuous support to facilitate understanding and skill application.

What are Thali-GrowPots?

Thali-GrowPots are eco-friendly gardening sets symbolizing India’s culinary heritage, designed to promote sustainable urban gardening. Each set includes seven pots for daily vegetable cultivation, fostering a connection with nature and traditional practices.

What does the 4-Day Urban Agriculture Workshop entail?

This comprehensive workshop covers urban agriculture basics, health and waste reduction, and entrepreneurial skills. It aims to empower participants with gardening, nutrition, and business knowledge, addressing urban gardening’s multifaceted challenges.

How does the Miss-Collect model support participants?

The Miss-Collect model provides Thali-GrowPots toolboxes on consignment, reducing upfront costs and supporting women through direct marketing, revenue sharing, and comprehensive support to mitigate risks and foster economic empowerment.

How does Miss-Collect ensure the programme's impact and sustainability?

Through regular check-ins, progress tracking, and success narratives, Miss-Collect monitors the programme’s effectiveness, ensuring it meets its economic empowerment goals, environmental stewardship, and community building.

How does personalized engagement contribute to Thali-GrowPots market expansion?

Personalized engagement plays a crucial role in expanding the Thali-GrowPots market by directly connecting with potential customers and the community. Strategies such as door-to-door sales and vibrant street sales events allow for customized interactions, highlighting the benefits of sustainable urban gardening. Educational outreach to schools and community groups fosters awareness and adoption of green practices. Partnering with local businesses enhances the initiative’s reach and supports the local economy. These personalized engagement efforts deepen community ties, making sustainable gardening accessible and appealing to a broader audience in Bengaluru.

How does the consignment model work and what support does it offer to participants?

The consignment model in the Miss-GreenGrowth Programme is crafted to empower women by minimizing financial barriers and fostering entrepreneurship in urban gardening. This model operates by:

  • Providing Toolboxes: Participants receive Thali-GrowPots toolboxes on consignment, eliminating upfront costs and enabling immediate participation in urban gardening and related entrepreneurial activities.

  • Facilitating Sales and Profit: Participants use the toolboxes to grow produce or develop gardening kits, which they then sell. A part of these sales goes towards repaying the cost of the toolboxes, while the majority of the profit remains with the participants, promoting financial independence.

This model is supported by comprehensive entrepreneurial training, including direct marketing strategies, financial management, and sustainable practices. It encourages community engagement for broader market access and risk mitigation, ensuring participants have a supportive ecosystem for their new ventures. Through this approach, the Miss-GreenGrowth Programme aims to unlock economic empowerment, reduce entry barriers, and foster a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs in urban agriculture.

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