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The Great Planting Fest at Vidya Ghat

At GHS Jakkur, under the guidance of Headmaster Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi, a group of inquisitive 8th-grade students embarked on a journey of discovery and learning with the Veggie4School curriculum. Among them were Abdul Sakib, Akshara, Charvini, and Mohammed Irfan, each bringing their unique perspective and enthusiasm to the table. 

From the moment the seedlings arrived, the students’ curiosity was piqued. With eager eyes, they examined each seedling, noting the differences in leaf types, seedling length, and other characteristics. Their excitement was palpable as they connected theoretical knowledge from previous chapters with practical observations, gaining a deeper understanding of plant anatomy and growth. 

When introduced to the concept of square foot gardening, the students eagerly embraced the idea, quickly setting to work with measuring tapes and strips to demarcate their wooden boxes. With precision and care, they dug pits and carefully placed moistened pots, their hands moving with purpose as they tended to each seedling with diligence and care. 

As they learned about the importance of weeding and plant care, the students nodded in agreement, recognizing the value of these practices not only in their school gardens but also in their homes and communities. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship was evident as they eagerly absorbed every lesson, eager to apply their newfound knowledge beyond the classroom. 

  • Application of Learned Concepts to Improve Gardens: Most of the students are eager to apply their workshop knowledge to enhance their gardens, showing practical understanding and proactive sustainability. 83% 83%
  • Enjoyment of Workshops and Increased Interest in Gardening: The workshops were widely enjoyed, sparking increased interest in gardening among students through engaging and informative hands-on activities. 85% 85%
  • Confidence in Planning and Caring for a Garden: Many of the students felt more confident in planning and caring for a garden after the workshops, showing a boost in their gardening skills. 83% 83%
  • Understanding Plants’ Needs for Growth: Majority of the students comprehensively understood what plants need to grow well, showcasing a strong grasp of concepts related to space, light, and water requirements. 76% 76%

Student Commitment and Confidence in Sustainable Gardening

  • Adoption of Square-Foot Gardening, Biodegradable Pots, or Smart Watering: Most students (78%) are eager to incorporate all three techniques – square-foot gardening, biodegradable pots, and smart watering – into their future gardens, demonstrating a strong enthusiasm for sustainable practices learned through the Veggie4School curriculum.
  • Perceived Impact of Workshop Learnings on Future Gardens:A significant majority (85%) of students believe that what they learned today will definitely improve their current or future gardens, highlighting their confidence in the value of the knowledge gained from the Veggie4School curriculum.

For the students of GHS Jakkur, the Veggie4School curriculum was more than just a series of workshops; it was a journey of empowerment and enlightenment. With Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi’s guidance and support, they emerged not only as gardeners but as advocates for change, ready to cultivate a greener, more sustainable future for themselves and generations to come. And as they nurtured their gardens with care and dedication, the seeds of change took root, promising a brighter tomorrow for all. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Abdul Sakib, Akshara, Anjaneya, Anushka Choudki, Arunkumar, B Manu, B Prashanth, Barna Das, Bindushree V, Chaitra Bai, Charvini, Dhananjay M K, Dhanush M, Dhanyatha A, Gayathri, Hajeera Reyan, Hanumatharaya, Harishitha K V, Harsha, Harshavardhana B, Jayadeep A, Jeeth Adhikari, Jyothi, Likhith S, Lishitha S, Madhumitha, Manjunatha A, Manojkumar, Manunaika, Mohammed Irfan, Mohammed Tahir, Mohammed Farhan, Mohammed Imad, Mohammed Munthajir, Mohammed Mursalin, Monika M, Ngaraja P, Nandini, Pavani S, Pushpa, Ramachandran, Ramya M, Rohith R, S Anilkumar, Sadik, Saphia Jainab, Sagar S D, Samreen, Samuel, Sangareddy S, Shravanth, Somnath Mondal, Sri Janani L, Suryansh, Vignesh Gowda S, Jainab.