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Today on International Women’s Day, Miss-Collect Presents Growing-Pots Concept

Miss-Collect’s mission is to change the waste paper’s value chain from one that is linear to circular, embracing the core values of people, the planet, and prosperity. The recycling of paper has environmental benefits, resulting in a clean city, and has economic advantages. With this aim in view, Miss Collect’s vision of transforming the value chain of waste paper and establishing a child labour free supply chain for its Growing-Pots is formulated. The first focuses on corporate social responsibility, whereby corporations can donate their waste paper or buy our Growing-Pots to donate to the veggie@school program.

Miss-Collect will pay a market price for the stream of their waste paper to transform this into the Growing-Pots in the trade route. By encouraging our patrons and potential customers to use the Growing-Pots for planting trees, we finally close our loop in our pursuit of a circular economy. These biodegradable pots can be used not only for flowering plants but can also meet the organically grown food requirements of people. This way we meet our objective of combatting hunger and truly practice what we preach, the importance of trees to combat climate change by carbon sequestration.

Growing-Pots is not just a brand for sustainable products but a brand that exemplifies a social movement that brings food to every table, schooling for every child, and decent income for their mothers.