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Breaking the Chains of Exploitation

Eradicating Child Labour in the Waste-Picking Industry

Changing the Wastepaper Value Chain

Breaking the Chains of Exploitation: Our Mission at Miss-Collect

We’re tackling the critical issue of child labour in waste-picking, with over 10 million children in India, particularly in Bengaluru’s Hebbal slum, involved in this dangerous work. Our mission? To rescue these children, providing them with educational opportunities and a path to a better future.

Our Goal: Eradicating Child Labour in Waste-Picking

At Miss-Collect, our commitment is unwavering: to end child labour in waste-picking. We focus on protecting children’s rights and enhancing their development by replacing hazardous work with education and safer opportunities.

The Paper Trail Campaign: Uncover the Path

Join us in our Paper Trail events to combat child labour and promote responsible sourcing. These events are designed to shed light on the plight of waste-picking children and educate the public about ethical supply chains.

Impact and Action

Our campaign is dedicated to abolishing child labour and fostering ethical practices. We engage the community, corporations, and consumers to establish a child-labour-free supply chain. Our initiatives also support the Veggie4School and Miss-GreenGrowth program with funds raised from selling excess paper.

Embrace Responsibility, Drive Change

Take the first step towards making a significant impact in your community. Join our innovative Paper Trail initiative! Please email us to discuss how your company can actively participate and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Don’t wait – be the change you wish to see. Contact us now, and let’s make a difference together!

Our Partners & Donor

The community of stakeholders is inclusive and diverse. No distinction is made between sustainable companies and passionate individuals; all are of large value to the Miss-Collect Community. We believe in the power of collaboration for effectiveness, problem-solving and innovation. The focus in the following paragraphs will be on the initiative-takers.


We Create Value Out of Waste

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