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The Great Planting Fest at Vidya Ghat

In the vibrant halls of GHPS Kogilu, a group of eager 6th-grade students, under the leadership of Headmaster Mr. Thimmegowda, embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery with the Veggie4School curriculum. Among them were Anusha, Bhuvan Kumar, Deeksha, and Kaveri, each bringing their unique enthusiasm and curiosity to the table. 

As the workshops unfolded, the students’ excitement was palpable, their eyes alight with anticipation for what lay ahead. The moment they were handed color pencils and drawing sheets, their creativity knew no bounds. With gusto, they sketched out grids to represent their square foot gardens, each stroke of the pencil a testament to their imagination and ingenuity. 

With precision and care, they filled each square with drawings of their favorite vegetables, strategically placing them to maximize growth and yield. Their enthusiasm for companion and row planting was evident as they eagerly discussed placement strategies, eager to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

When the time came to transplant seedlings into wooden boxes, the students wasted no time in springing into action. Armed with trowels and guided by the advice of the Garden Gurus, they approached the task with determination and focus, their hands deftly maneuvering the seedlings into their new homes. 

As they watered their newly transplanted seedlings, the students eagerly put into practice the smart watering techniques they had learned, ensuring each plant received just the right amount of moisture to thrive. Their eagerness to learn and willingness to apply new skills spoke volumes about their dedication to the art of gardening. 


  • Application of Learned Concepts to Improve Gardens: All of the students are eager to apply their workshop knowledge to enhance their gardens, showing practical understanding and proactive sustainability. 100% 100%
  • Enjoyment of Workshops and Increased Interest in Gardening: The workshops were widely enjoyed by all the students, sparking increased interest in gardening among students through engaging and informative hands-on activities. 100% 100%
  • Confidence in Planning and Caring for a Garden: All of the students felt more confident in planning and caring for a garden after the workshops, showing a boost in their gardening skills. 100% 100%
  • Understanding Plants’ Needs for Growth: All the students comprehensively understood what plants need to grow well, showcasing a strong grasp of concepts related to space, light, and water requirements. 100% 100%

Student Commitment and Confidence in Sustainable Gardening

  • Adoption of Square-Foot Gardening, Biodegradable Pots, or Smart Watering:All students (100%) expressed their intention to use square-foot gardening, biodegradable pots, and smart watering in their future gardens. This unanimous decision reflects their enthusiasm for adopting sustainable practices and their confidence in the techniques learned during the Veggie4School workshops.
  • Perceived Impact of Workshop Learnings on Future Gardens: All students (100%) believe that what they learned today will definitely improve their current or future gardens, showcasing their confidence in the effectiveness of the workshop’s teachings.

For the students of GHPS Kogilu, the Veggie4School curriculum was more than just a series of workshops; it was a journey of empowerment and discovery. With Mr. Thimmegowda’s guidance and the support of the Garden Gurus, they emerged not only as gardeners but as stewards of the environment, ready to cultivate a greener, more sustainable future. And as they tended to their gardens with care and dedication, the seeds of change took root, promising a brighter tomorrow for all. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Anusha B, Bhimabay, Bhuvan Kumar, Deeksha E, Sharath, Kaveri, Lakshmi K, Mahanthesh, Niveditha, Rekha, Renuka V, Sudakar, Thayappa