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The Great Planting Fest at Vidya Ghat

In the bustling halls of GHPS Agrahara Badavane, sustainability and learning collided in a remarkable manner through the Veggie4School curriculum. Led by the visionary Headmaster, Mr. Naik, and a cohort of enthusiastic Grade 7 students, the school embarked on a journey that would not only enrich minds but also cultivate a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship. 

Among the vibrant students who eagerly embraced this educational adventure were Bhagyashree, Darshini, Gangamma, Aski Kumari, and many more, each bringing their unique curiosity and zest for learning to the fore. 

As the curriculum unfolded, the students found themselves immersed in hands-on activities that sparked their imagination and nurtured their green thumbs. From the meticulous process of designing square foot gardens on drawing sheets to selecting their favorite vegetables for transplantation, every step was a revelation. 

Under Mr. Naik’s guidance, the students delved into the intricacies of companion planting and row spacing, understanding the symbiotic relationships between different plant species. Armed with color pencils and creativity, they sketched intricate layouts, envisioning lush gardens teeming with life. 

Yet, it wasn’t just about the artistry; it was about understanding the underlying principles of sustainable gardening. The concept of mulching struck a chord with the students as they realized the power of utilizing local materials to conserve water and suppress weeds. Their eyes lit up with excitement as they envisioned a future where every drop of water was cherished, every plant nurtured with care. 

As the wooden gardening boxes came to life with the transplantation of seedlings nestled in biodegradable GrowingPots, a sense of accomplishment filled the air. The students meticulously tended to their charges, mindful of the importance of watering, mulching, and pest control. 

Through this transformative experience, GHPS Agrahara Badavane not only cultivated bountiful gardens but also nurtured a generation of eco-conscious citizens. 


  • Application of Learned Concepts to Improve Gardens: Many students are eager to apply their workshop knowledge to enhance their gardens, showing practical understanding and proactive sustainability. 61% 61%
  • Enjoyment of Workshops and Increased Interest in Gardening: The workshops were widely enjoyed, sparking increased interest in gardening among students through engaging and informative hands-on activities. 64% 64%
  • Confidence in Planning and Caring for a Garden: Half of the students felt more confident in planning and caring for a garden after the workshops, showing a boost in their gardening skills. 50% 50%
  • Understanding Plants’ Needs for Growth: Some students reported some understanding of plant growth needs, indicating room for improved comprehension. 39% 39%

Student Commitment and Confidence in Sustainable Gardening

  • Adoption of Square-Foot Gardening, Biodegradable Pots, or Smart Watering: Most students (56%) intend to adopt square-foot gardening, biodegradable pots, and smart watering, showing their commitment to sustainable gardening.
  • Perceived Impact of Workshop Learnings on Future Gardens: Most students (81%) believe the workshop learnings will greatly benefit their gardens, showing confidence in their practical applicability for fostering healthy and thriving gardens

Bhagyashree, Darshini, Gangamma, and their peers emerged not just as gardeners but as guardians of the earth, armed with knowledge, passion, and a commitment to sustainability. And in the verdant oasis they created, the seeds of change were sown, promising a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Bhagyashree, Darshini, Gangamma, Aski Kumari, Hemashree, Keerthana A V, Keerthana S, Lakshmi M, Madhumathi, Mosamin Khathun, Navya, Pallavi A, Pooja, Rabiyu, Ramya, Roja, Ruma Kathun, Shabana Banu, Sushmitha M,, Sai Nigar, Tanushree, Umme Kulsum, Yashaswini, Rabiya Khathun, Aishwarya, Aditya, Arun B, Basavaraju H, Bittu Kumar, Devaraj, Dhanush N, Gous Pasha, Madan, Manthesh, Naveen Kumar, Prakash N, Mohammed Rizwan, Rohith, Sanjay, Samarth, Shashidhara G, Thabrez, Tunnu Kumar, Vinay, Vishwaradhya, Yashawanth, Manjunath, Vasudeva.