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Unveiling the Stories of seed and plant growth

In the heart of Agrahara Badavane, where the gentle hum of learning fills the air, GHPS Agrahara Badavane stands as a sanctuary of education and growth. Under the guidance of their dedicated teacher, Mr. Naik, students of the 7th grade embarked on an enriching journey through Chapter 4 of the Veggie4School Programme: “From Seed to Sprout.” 

With eager anticipation, students like Bhagyashree, Darshini, Aski Kumari, and Keerthana A V eagerly participated in the workshops and activities, their hearts brimming with curiosity and enthusiasm. From the intricate process of seed germination to the joy of sowing seeds in growing pots, each experience was met with delight and wonder. 

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of names like Hemashree, Mosamin Khathun, Pallavi A, and Yashaswini, a sense of unity and camaraderie flourished. Together, they explored the mysteries of seeds and plants, learning valuable lessons about growth, resilience, and stewardship of the earth. 

Throughout the workshops and activities, from Bhagyashree to Vasudeva, each student found joy and fulfillment in the process of learning. Whether it was the excitement of witnessing seeds sprout or the satisfaction of caring for their growing pots, every moment was filled with a sense of discovery and accomplishment. 

As they tended to their pots with care and diligence, students like Arun B, Dhanush N, Rohith, and Sanjay embraced the responsibility of nurturing new life. With each drop of water and each ray of sunlight, they understood the profound impact of their actions on the growth and development of the seeds they planted. 


  • Seed Identification Success: After this lesson, majority of the students can identify which seeds grow into which plant. 69% 69%
  • Clarity in Sowing Instructions: Majority of the students found it easy to understand the instructions for sowing seeds. 54% 54%
  • Understanding of Watering Young Seedlings: Many of the students reported having a very good understanding of watering young seedlings. 49% 49%
  • Improved Understanding of Plant Growth: Following the workshop, most of the students reported an improvement in their understanding of plant growth. 79% 79%

Unified Preferences, Shared Knowledge

  • Preference for Growing Pots: The majority (54%) of students expressed a preference for growing pots, suggesting a clear inclination towards this method of plant cultivation among the participants. 
  • Will to Share Knowledge: A notable 59% of students expressed a definite willingness to share their newfound knowledge on horticulture, underscoring their enthusiasm for disseminating information within their community.

In the end, as the workshops came to a close, a sense of pride and fulfillment filled the halls of GHPS Agrahara Badavane. Students like Manjunath, Vishwaradhya, Rabiya Khathun, and Thabrez emerged not only as caretakers of the garden but also as ambassadors of knowledge and growth. As they looked upon their thriving pots, they knew that they held the power to sow the seeds of a brighter, greener future—one where learning flourished, and every seed held the promise of endless possibilities. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Bhagyashree, Darshini, Gangamma, Aski Kumari, Hemashree, Keerthana A V, Keerthana S, Lakshmi M, Madhumathi, Mosamin Khathun, Navya, Pallavi A, Pooja, Rabiyu, Ramya, Roja, Ruma Kathun, Shabana Banu, Sushmitha M,, Sai Nigar, Tanushree, Umme Kulsum, Yashaswini, Rabiya Khathun, Aishwarya, Aditya, Arun B, Basavaraju H, Bittu Kumar, Devaraj, Dhanush N, Gous Pasha, Madan, Manthesh, Naveen Kumar, Prakash N, Mohammed Rizwan, Rohith, Sanjay, Samarth, Shashidhara G, Thabrez, Tunnu Kumar, Vinay, Vishwaradhya, Yashawanth, Manjunath, Vasudeva.