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Nurturing Seeds of Knowledge, Cultivating Curiosity

In the heart of Cox Town, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant community, GKMPS Cox Town stands as a sanctuary of learning and growth. Under the guidance of their dedicated Headmistress, Mrs. Shantha Mary, students in the 6th and 7th grades embarked on an enlightening journey through Chapter 4 of the Veggie4School Programme: “From Seed to Sprout.” 

With eager anticipation, students like Ashwin M, Chaitra D, Charan Kumar, and Priyanka N delved into the world of seeds, marveling at the wonders hidden within the tiniest of packages. They were astonished to discover that their favorite vegetables, like tomatoes, sprouted from such small seeds, realizing that size was no barrier to the potential for growth and abundance. 

With enthusiasm and curiosity, the students explored the intricacies of seed anatomy, learning about the vital role each part played in the germination process. They understood that even the slightest damage to a seed could jeopardize its ability to sprout, emphasizing the importance of handling seeds with care and reverence. 

One particularly engaging activity was the seed sorting exercise, where students eagerly sifted through mixtures of seeds to identify and categorize them. With keen eyes and nimble fingers, they successfully distinguished between different vegetable seeds, showcasing their growing expertise and understanding. 

As they transitioned to the practical aspect of the chapter, the students embraced the responsibility of sowing seeds in their Growing-Pots. Understanding the importance of moisture in seed germination, they diligently wet the pots before carefully planting their seeds, ensuring optimal conditions for growth. 

The introduction of the Plant Detective journal sparked a sense of adventure and discovery among the students. With each observation recorded, from seedling growth to plant care activities, they forged a deeper connection with nature, becoming guardians of their own little green worlds. 

  • Seed Identification Success: After this lesson, majority of the students can identify which seeds grow into which plant. 88% 88%
  • Clarity in Sowing Instructions: All the students found it easy to understand the instructions for sowing seeds. 100% 100%
  • Understanding of Watering Young Seedlings: Majority of the students reported having a very good understanding of watering young seedlings. 96% 96%
  • Improved Understanding of Plant Growth: Following the workshop, All of the students reported an improvement in their understanding of plant growth. 100% 100%

Unified Preferences, Shared Knowledge

  • Preference for Growing Pots: A significant majority (96%) favored growing pots over other alternatives, indicating a consensus on the effectiveness and suitability of this method for plant cultivation. 
  • Will to Share Knowledge: All students (100%) expressed a strong willingness to share their newfound knowledge on horticulture, showcasing their enthusiasm to contribute positively to their communities. 

In the end, the impact of Chapter 4 reverberated through the halls of GKMPS Cox Town. Students like Sanya, Sneha, Sanjay, and Vikash Kumar emerged not only as caretakers of the environment but also as ambassadors of knowledge and curiosity. As they watched their seeds sprout into vibrant seedlings, they knew that they were sowing the seeds of a brighter, greener future—one where curiosity thrived, knowledge blossomed, and every seed held the promise of endless possibilities. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Ashwin M, Abbu, Chaitra D, Charan Kumar, Dayanand K, Durgamma, Madhulika, Mallamma, Melvin, Mallesh, Priyanka N, Roopa, Ramaiah, Santhosh, Roman Pasha, Sanjay S, Sanya, Sneha, Srinivasa, Kruthika, Vaiyaz Pasha, Vikash Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Sameer Ulla, Anjamma, Aravinda, Subhash, Sanjana, Shravani, Prabhu S, Akhila, Jaladauki Akasha, Nikhitha, Sumanth, Yuvaraj, Mohammad Gavi, Dhanush S, Dhanalakshmi, Sanjay