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Cultivating Curiosity: GMPS Jakkur's Exploration of Seeds

Nestled within the serene surroundings of Jakkur, GMPS Jakkur stands as a beacon of learning, where young minds embark on journeys of discovery and enlightenment. In the 6th-grade sections A and B, a vibrant tapestry of students, including Aishwarya, Ambreesh, Amith Aharwal, and Anitha R, eagerly delved into the enriching experience of Chapter 4 of the Veggie4School Programme: “From Seed to Sprout.” 

Under the nurturing guidance of Headmistress Mrs. Rukmini, these budding scholars immersed themselves in the captivating world of seeds and plants. With boundless enthusiasm and unwavering curiosity, they eagerly participated in every workshop, soaking in knowledge like sponges eager for water. 

One particular aspect that captured their imaginations was the story of the tiny Cumin seed and the mighty Coco De Mer seed. As they marveled at the diversity of seeds and their potential for growth, they realized the profound significance of every living organism, regardless of its size or stature. 

But it wasn’t just about learning; it was about fostering a deeper connection with nature. Students like Basavaraj M, Bhumika, Charan V, and Inchara U found joy in every moment spent exploring the intricate workings of seeds and plants, discovering beauty in the smallest of details. 

The introduction of the “Plant Detective Journal” sparked a wave of excitement among the students. With eager anticipation, they eagerly filled its pages with observations of their seedlings, documenting each stage of growth with meticulous detail. From watering routines to weather patterns, they meticulously recorded every aspect of their plant’s journey, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards nature. 

As the days passed, the impact of Chapter 4 rippled through the halls of GMPS Jakkur. Students like Raj, Ranjith M, R Vaishali, and Rudhraneel embraced their roles as caretakers of the environment, nurturing their seeds with love and dedication. Through their actions, they embodied the spirit of sustainability and conservation, laying the groundwork for a greener, more harmonious future. 


  • Seed Identification Success: After this lesson, most of the students can identify which seeds grow into which plant. 89% 89%
  • Clarity in Sowing Instructions: Majority of the students found it easy to understand the instructions for sowing seeds. 90% 90%
  • Understanding of Watering Young Seedlings: Majority of the students reported having a very good understanding of watering young seedlings. 87% 87%
  • Improved Understanding of Plant Growth: Following the workshop, every student reported an improvement in their understanding of plant growth. 100% 100%

Unified Preferences, Shared Knowledge

  • Preference for Growing Pots: An overwhelming 93% favored growing pots, recognizing their environmental benefits and potential for fostering sustainable gardening practices.
  • Will to Share Knowledge: As the workshop concluded, students reflected on their newfound knowledge and eagerly expressed their willingness to share it with others. A unanimous 100% pledged to spread their newfound knowledge of horticulture, embodying the spirit of learning and community engagement. 

In the end, the true essence of the Veggie4School Programme at GMPS Jakkur was not just about seeds and sprouts; it was about sowing the seeds of curiosity, nurturing the gardens of knowledge, and cultivating a deep-rooted appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. As these young scholars looked upon their thriving garden, they knew that they were not just growing plants; they were growing minds, hearts, and futures filled with infinite possibilities.  

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Aishwarya, Ambreesh, Amith Aharwal, Anitha R, Abhishek, Ashok M, Aseef, Basavaraj M, Bhumika, Basavaraj, Charan V, Inchara U, K Rohini, Kiran R, Kruthika D, Mallikarjuna N, Mani J, Meenakshi T, Nandini, Nithik Aharwal, Parashuram, Prashantha, Pranathi, Ravi Magi, Raj, Ranjith M, R Vaishali, Rudhraneel , Sai Charan, Shravani, Srujan H, Santhosh, Tanushree, Vinod L, Srikantha, Manju, Mohammed Tahir, Ajay, Ganesh, Arpitha, Paijan, Madesha, Pirdos, Hasini, Abhishek Agarwal, Ajay Kumar, Allampathi, Sushanth Reddy, Amritha, Anik Paul, Asha Mallappa Vaddar, Basavaraju J, Bheerappa, Bhumika L, Divya B, Ganesh, Karthik V, Mahakali M, Mahesh B, Manikantha V, Mary, Nagaraj, Nanditha S, Nithin D S, Papai Das, Prajwal, Shanthappa Harijan, Preetham S P, Ragini Devappa Gowda, Robert, Shivaleela B, Rohith, Sathish G, Shivananda, Shruthi Biswas, Suchithra U, Varsha M, Thrisha R, Shivalingamma, Mahalakshmi, Anitha T, Venkatesh, Rihan, Harsha V, Shankar, Deepak Nayak, Nithesh Bhat B, Shobha J, Umesh, Shanthappa, Vishnu Nayak.