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Students Discover the Wonders of Plant Growth and the Power of Nurturing Life

Amidst the bustling streets of Kavalbyrasandra lies GKMPS Kavalbyrasandra, a sanctuary of learning where young minds blossom and flourish. In the 6th and 7th grades, a diverse array of students, including Abhinaya K, Abhishek Kumar, Ambika B, Arshiya, and Baganna, embarked on an enlightening journey through Chapter 4 of the Veggie4School Programme: “From Seed to Sprout.” 

Under the guidance of their dedicated teacher, Mr. Darbar, and the nurturing leadership of Headmistress Mrs. Jeeja Bai Shindhe, these eager learners delved into the wonders of seeds and plants with boundless enthusiasm and curiosity. As they embarked on their educational odyssey, they discovered the transformative power hidden within the tiniest of seeds. 

The story of the tiny cumin and the mighty coco de mer captivated their imaginations, sparking a flurry of questions and discussions. With wide-eyed wonder, they pondered the miraculous potential of every seed, realizing that each one held the key to new life and growth. As the Garden Gurus affirmed their queries, a newfound sense of empowerment and wonder ignited within the students’ hearts. 

As they ventured into the practical aspects of the chapter, the students eagerly took charge of filling the pots with soil, their hands eager to connect with the earth’s nurturing embrace. With keen eyes and nimble fingers, they carefully sowed the seeds, following the sage guidance of their mentors. With each gentle pat of the soil and each drop of water, a sense of pride and accomplishment washed over them, knowing that they were nurturing life with their own hands. 

Despite the constraints of space, the students of GKMPS Kavalbyrasandra embraced every activity with gusto and determination. From observing the properties of soil to tenderly caring for their seedlings, they approached each task with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. Their resilience and eagerness to learn were a testament to their indomitable spirit and thirst for knowledge. 


  • Seed Identification Success: After this lesson, most of the students can identify which seeds grow into which plant. 86% 86%
  • Clarity in Sowing Instructions: Majority of the students found it easy to understand the instructions for sowing seeds. 86% 86%
  • Understanding of Watering Young Seedlings: Majority of the students reported having a very good understanding of watering young seedlings. 82% 82%
  • Improved Understanding of Plant Growth: Following the workshop, majority of students reported an improvement in their understanding of plant growth. 87% 87%

Unified Preferences, Shared Knowledge

  • Preference for Growing Pots: An astounding 90% of students favored growing pots over other alternatives, recognizing their effectiveness in nurturing plant growth. 
  • Will to Share Knowledge: A commendable 86% of students expressed a strong willingness to share their newfound knowledge on horticulture with their family and community, highlighting their enthusiasm to contribute positively.

In the end, the impact of Chapter 4 reverberated throughout the corridors of GKMPS Kavalbyrasandra. Students like Ayisha Siddiq, Bhgyavathi, Lohith Kumar G, Mahadevi, and Sathyam Kumar emerged not only as guardians of the environment but also as champions of curiosity and growth. As they looked upon their flourishing garden, they knew that they were sowing the seeds of a brighter, greener future—one where knowledge, compassion, and stewardship reign supreme. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Abhinaya K, Abhirami C, Abhishek Kumar, Abubakar Siddiq, Ambika B, Anil Shivanand, Anushka R, Arshiya, Arthi A, Ashraf, Asif, Ayesha Siddiq, Ayisha, Azmath Pasha, Baganna, Bhgyavathi, Bhumesh V, Bi Bi Zainab, Chandrakala, Charulekha Y ,Chhoti Kumari, Dara Chandra, Dara Shalini, Deepak R, Deepak R, Faiza Khanum, Gurunath, Hasini, Hema Shree, Iaman, Isha, Janani, Jeevitha P, Joseph, Juhi Kumari, Jyothi S, Kaushalya, Keerthana D, Lakshmi R, Lohith Kumar G, Lvavanya Bai Y M, Varsha, Mageshwari, Mahadevi, Mahesh, Maimuna C, Mallikarjuna S, Manasa N, Megha, Mehaboob B, Milan, Minisha A, Mohammed Adil, Monish P S, Moula Ali, Muskan, Narasamma, Navya Kumari, Nayana R, Nikhitha R, Nikitha V,, Nithesh N, Noor Huda, Nuthan M, Pallavi N, Prajwal, Prithi Raj, Priya S R, Sanjana, Radha Kumari, Rahamathunissa, Raj Nandini, Ramesha, Reena, Ruth Mary, S Charulatha, Sabiya S ,Sagar, Sajida S, Salman, Samvel S, Sanjana, Sanjay A, Sanjay P, Sanjitha J, Santhosh, Sathyam Kumar, Shankar N, Sharli, Shivarajini, Shivashankara, Shivasharana, Sindura A, Somiya R, Stephan, Suresh, Swapna J, Syed Ayan, Syed Faraz, Syed Shahid, Syeda Humera, Tanushri S, Tayamma, Usha Kumari, Veronika, Vignesh N, Vimal Kumar, Vinay Kumar, Vivek Kumar, Yallamma, Yuthika J.