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Exploring Soil Health, Composting, and Sustainability Through the Veggie4School Program

In the serene surroundings of GHPS Kogilu, a spirit of environmental stewardship flourished as students embarked on a journey of eco-discovery and sustainability. Guided by their esteemed Headmaster, Mr. Thimmegowda, and fueled by their passion for protecting the planet, these young Eco Heroes eagerly embraced the challenges and opportunities presented by the Veggie4School program. 

Among the enthusiastic participants were Anusha B, Bhimabay, Mahanthesh, and a host of other eager learners, each eager to make a difference in their community and beyond. 

Chapter 2 of their eco-adventure kicked off with a delightful fruity exploration workshop, where students reveled in the vibrant colors and flavors of nature’s bounty. As they carefully layered slices of fruits to mimic the earth’s soil strata, they marveled at the interconnectedness of soil health and nutritious food. With each slice representing a different layer of the earth, they gained a deeper understanding of the vital role soil plays in sustaining life. 

The students’ enthusiasm only grew as they delved into the soil testing workshop, where they learned to analyze soil samples for pH levels and nutrient content. Armed with soil testing kits and litmus paper, they embarked on a scientific journey, uncovering the secrets hidden beneath their feet. Through hands-on experimentation, they discovered the unique characteristics of different soil types and gained insights into their impact on plant growth and ecosystem health. 

Next, the Eco Heroes rolled up their sleeves for a composting adventure, gathering decomposable wastes from their school grounds to create nutrient-rich compost. With boundless energy and determination, they worked together to layer vegetable scraps, fruit peels, and dry leaves, nurturing the compost pile with care and dedication. As they witnessed the miraculous transformation of waste into valuable fertilizer, they felt a profound sense of accomplishment and pride in their contribution to environmental conservation. 

Throughout their eco-journey, the students forged deep connections with nature and each other, united by their shared commitment to sustainability.


  • Enjoyment of Workshops: The students expressed great enthusiasm and joy in the soil and compost exploration workshop. 100% 100%
  • Most Interesting Part: Majority of students found “The Soil Testing Workshop” particularly captivating, making it the most intriguing segment of the workshop. 38% 38%
  • Understanding of Information: The information was easily grasped by most of the students, indicating that the workshop was highly effective in conveying complex concepts in an accessible manner. 62% 62%
  • Learning Something New: Most of the students confirmed acquiring fresh knowledge about soil and composting, affirming the workshop’s effectiveness. 85% 85%

Enthusiastic Action  

  • Confidence in Applying Knowledge:A significant majority of students, 85%, feel very confident about using the knowledge gained from today’s workshop in their community or living space. This high level of confidence reflects the effectiveness of the workshop in equipping students with practical, actionable skills and knowledge for environmental stewardship.
  • Willingness to Start Composting Project: More than half of the students, 54%, are extremely enthusiastic about starting a composting project using leftovers from school meals in their garden. This enthusiasm demonstrates a strong commitment to applying sustainable practices and making a positive environmental impact through composting initiatives.

As they bid farewell to Chapter 2 of their green revolution, they did so with hearts full of hope and determination. Armed with knowledge, passion, and a deep respect for the earth, they looked forward to continuing their journey as guardians of the environment and champions of a greener, healthier future. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Anusha B, Bhimabay, Bhuvan Kumar, Deeksha E, Sharath, Kaveri, Lakshmi K, Mahanthesh, Niveditha, Rekha, Renuka V, Sudakar, Thayappa