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Transformative Learning Through the Veggie4School Program

Amidst the lush greenery of GHS Jakkur, a wave of excitement swept through the corridors as students embarked on a transformative journey of environmental exploration and discovery. Led by their visionary Headmistress, Mrs. Vijaya Bharathi, and fueled by their insatiable curiosity, these young Eco Explorers set out to unravel the mysteries of soil health and composting through the immersive experiences offered by the Veggie4School program. 

Among the enthusiastic participants were Akshara, Anjaneya, Charvini, Mohammed Tahir, and a myriad of other eager learners, each eager to delve deep into the secrets of sustainable living. 

Chapter 2 of their Eco Explorers’ odyssey began with a hands-on composting workshop, where students learned the art of transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. With boundless enthusiasm, they gathered vegetable scraps, fruit peels, and dry leaves, layering them meticulously to kickstart the decomposition process. As they worked side by side, they marveled at the alchemy of composting, witnessing firsthand the magic of turning waste into wealth for their school’s garden. 

Next, the Eco Explorers delved into the fascinating world of soil testing, where they discovered the intricate balance of nutrients and pH levels that determine soil health. Armed with litmus paper and soil testing kits, they embarked on a scientific exploration, testing various soil samples to uncover their pH levels and acidity. The revelation of soil pH and its impact on plant growth left the students both astonished and enlightened, as they gained a newfound appreciation for the complexity of the natural world. 

In the fruity layer workshop that followed, the Eco Explorers explored the vital connection between healthy soil and nutritious food. Using a colourful array of fruits as their canvas, they constructed delicious models of the earth’s layers, each slice representing a different stratum of soil teeming with life-giving nutrients. As they savoured the sweet taste of knowledge, they realized the profound impact soil health has on the food we eat and the planet we inhabit.

Amidst their explorations, the Eco Explorers forged bonds of friendship and camaraderie, united by their shared passion for environmental conservation. As they bid farewell to Chapter 2 of their Eco Explorers’ journey, they did so with a newfound sense of purpose and determination.


  • Enjoyment of Workshops: The students expressed great enthusiasm and joy in the soil and compost exploration workshop. 71% 71%
  • Most Interesting Part: Majority of students found “The Compost Adventure Workshop” particularly captivating, making it the most intriguing segment of the workshop. 44% 44%
  • Understanding of Information: The information was easily grasped by half of the students, showing an opportunity to simplify the content. 51% 51%
  • Learning Something New: Most of the students confirmed acquiring fresh knowledge about soil and composting, affirming the workshop’s effectiveness. 86% 86%

Enthusiastic Action  

  • Confidence in Applying Knowledge:A significant portion of the participants, 53%, expressed that they feel very confident about using the knowledge gained from the workshop in their community or living space. This high level of confidence indicates that the workshop successfully equipped the students with practical and actionable skills, empowering them to apply what they learned in real-world scenarios and make a tangible impact on their local environment.
  • Willingness to Start Composting Project: When asked about starting a composting project using leftovers from school meals, 44% of the students were extremely enthusiastic. This strong enthusiasm reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and a genuine eagerness to take proactive steps towards environmental conservation by transforming waste into valuable compost for their gardens.

Armed with knowledge, inspiration, and a commitment to sustainability, they looked forward to continuing their quest to protect and preserve the planet for generations to come. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Abdul Sakib, Akshara, Anjaneya, Anushka Choudki, Arunkumar, B Manu, B Prashanth, Barna Das, Bindushree V, Chaitra Bai, Charvini, Dhananjay M K, Dhanush M, Dhanyatha A, Gayathri, Hajeera Reyan, Hanumatharaya, Harishitha K V, Harsha, Harshavardhana B, Jayadeep A, Jeeth Adhikari, Jyothi, Likhith S, Lishitha S, Madhumitha, Manjunatha A, Manojkumar, Manunaika, Mohammed Irfan, Mohammed Tahir, Mohammed Farhan, Mohammed Imad, Mohammed Munthajir, Mohammed Mursalin, Monika M, Ngaraja P, Nandini, Pavani S, Pushpa, Ramachandran, Ramya M, Rohith R, S Anilkumar, Sadik, Saphia Jainab, Sagar S D, Samreen, Samuel, Sangareddy S, Shravanth, Somnath Mondal, Sri Janani L, Suryansh, Vignesh Gowda S, Jainab.