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Young Environmentalists Transform Schoolyard Waste into Nutrient-Rich Gold

In the verdant surroundings of GKMPS KG Halli, a sense of environmental stewardship flourished among the students, igniting a passion for sustainability and ecological conservation. Guided by their dedicated teacher, Mr. Diwakar, and fueled by their collective enthusiasm, these young Eco-Adventurers embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery through the Veggie4School program. 

Among the eager participants were Arshiya, Mohammed Saif Asif, Chaitra, and a myriad of other enthusiastic learners, each eager to delve into the mysteries of soil health and composting. 

Chapter 2 of their Veggie4School odyssey centered on the transformative power of composting and its role in fostering healthy soil and vibrant plant life. With composting bins at the ready, the students eagerly set to work, turning organic waste from their schoolyard into nutrient-rich compost through the magic of decomposition. 

Under Mr. Diwakar’s expert guidance, the Eco-Adventurers learned the art of composting, carefully layering green and brown materials to create the perfect environment for beneficial microorganisms to thrive. As they tended to their compost piles, they marveled at the alchemy of nature, transforming discarded scraps into black gold that would nourish their school’s garden. 

In addition to composting, the students explored the importance of soil testing and fruitful layers through engaging workshops. They learned to assess soil texture, pH levels, and nutrient content, gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate ecosystem beneath their feet. 

With each workshop, the Eco-Adventurers grew more confident in their ability to care for the earth and create sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. Their enthusiasm was contagious, inspiring their peers to join them in their quest to protect and preserve the planet for future generations. 


  • Enjoyment of Workshops: The students expressed great enthusiasm and joy in the soil and compost exploration workshop. 100% 100%
  • Most Interesting Part: Majority of students found “The Soil Testing Workshop” particularly captivating, making it the most intriguing segment of the workshop. 70% 70%
  • Understanding of Information: The information was easily grasped by most of the students, showing an opportunity to simplify the content. 84% 84%
  • Learning Something New: Most of the students confirmed acquiring fresh knowledge about soil and composting, affirming the workshop’s effectiveness. 97% 97%

Enthusiastic Action  

  • Confidence in Applying Knowledge: A remarkable 94% of students felt very confident about using the knowledge gained from the workshop in their community or living space. This overwhelming confidence demonstrates the effectiveness of the workshop in empowering students with practical skills and understanding.
  • Willingness to Start Composting Project: An impressive 70% of students expressed extreme enthusiasm for starting a composting project using leftovers from school meals. This high level of eagerness highlights their commitment to sustainability and their desire to make a tangible impact on their environment.

As the chapter came to a close, the Eco-Adventurers reflected on their experiences with a sense of pride and accomplishment. They had learned valuable lessons about soil health, waste reduction, and the interconnectedness of all living things. With newfound knowledge and determination, they looked forward to continuing their journey as guardians of the earth, committed to making a positive impact on their school, community, and beyond. 

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

Ashwin M, Abbu, Chaitra D, Charan Kumar, Dayanand K, Durgamma, Madhulika, Mallamma, Melvin, Mallesh, Priyanka N, Roopa, Ramaiah, Santhosh, Roman Pasha, Sanjay S, Sanya, Sneha, Srinivasa, Kruthika, Vaiyaz Pasha, Vikash Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Sameer Ulla, Anjamma, Aravinda, Subhash, Sanjana, Shravani, Prabhu S, Akhila, Jaladauki Akasha, Nikhitha, Sumanth, Yuvaraj, Mohammad Gavi, Dhanush S, Dhanalakshmi, Sanjay