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Green Innovators, In-Depth Student Reflections

As the day began at BBMP Girls High School Cleveland Town, excitement buzzed among the students, signaling the start of  enriching journey with Veggie4School.Under the nurturing guidance of Mr. Venkataraju and with strong support from the school’s leaders, these young environmental stewards formed a deeper bond with the natural world. They committed to sustainable practices that resonated through their community. 

Among the devoted were Dilashad Banu, Hajira Keerthi S A, Mehak, Mithra R, Poornisha, Priyadarshini V, Rajeshwari V, Saba Fathima, Sarika N, Shakthi V, Shruthi, Uma Maheshwari, and Zohrabi. These students became fervent champions for the earth, inspired by the wisdom of the Garden Gurus, Mallikarjuna S and Charulekha Y. Their hands in the soil; the students explored the delicate equilibrium of human impact on ecosystems. 

Through reflective forms and heartfelt feedback sessions, the students shared their transformative experiences and hopes, showcasing their green’s deep, lasting impact. 


  • Garden Story Impact: The garden story inspired many, showing deep appreciation for nature’s power. 100% 100%
  • Top Garden Tool: The hand trowel was a favorite for its practicality in the garden. 90% 90%
  • Safety and Hygiene: Many recognized safety’s role in preventing injuries, showing responsible gardening. 40% 40%
  • Waste in Gardening: Several students saw the value in using waste sustainably in gardens. 70% 70%

Willingness to Educate Others

  • Waste Segregation Advocacy: A significant 68% expressed their willingness to share information about waste segregation, recognizing its importance in environmental conservation. 
  • Interest in Recycling Techniques: Half of the respondents, 50%, expressed awareness of waste recycling techniques, indicating some knowledge of sustainable practices. 

As the young Eco-Warriors cultivate their eco-haven at BBMP Girls High School, their unified efforts shine as a beacon of hope for a greener future. Their dedication inspires a broader movement towards environmental stewardship, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

Eco-Warriors in Action

Leading with a vision for sustainability, Headmaster Mr Venkatarayappa has inspired 14 BBMP Girls High School Cleveland Town students to cultivate their kitchen gardens, fostering a green thumb in each of them. Mr. Venkatarayappa conveyed his perspective: “Our school joined the Veggie4School program to provide our students with hands-on training in agriculture and nutrition. By participating in activities like planting crops, they gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from and its role in their overall health.”

Dilashad Banu, Hajira Keerthi S A Mehak Mithra R Poornisha Priyadarshini V Rajeshwari V Saba Fathima Sarika N Shakthi V Shruthi Uma Maheshwari Zohrabi