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Eco-Warriors in Action In-Depth Student Reflections

In the verdant grounds of GMPS Jakkur, a wave of green consciousness swept through the student body, catalysing a movement toward environmental stewardship and sustainability. Guided by the visionary leadership of Headmaster Mrs Rukmini, these budding eco-champions embarked on a transformative journey through the Veggie4school Gardens initiative, sowing the seeds of change one plant at a time. 

Among the enthusiastic participants were Aishwarya, Mani J, and Nithik Aharwal, who embraced their roles as Green Innovators with zeal and determination. Under the mentorship of their teachers and the guidance of the Garden Gurus, including Mallikarjuna N and Parashuram, students delved into the world of sustainable gardening practices, uncovering the profound impact of their actions on the environment and their community. 

As they immersed themselves in hands-on activities like pot-making and composting, students like Charan V and Inchara U developed a deep sense of pride and ownership in their green initiatives. Through reflection forms and feedback sessions, they shared their experiences and aspirations, shedding light on the depth of their engagement and the scope of their impact.

  • Garden Story Impact: The garden story inspired many, showing deep appreciation for nature’s power. 63% 63%
  • Top Garden Tool: The hand trowel was a favorite for its practicality in the garden. 47% 47%
  • Safety and Hygiene: Many recognized safety’s role in preventing injuries, showing responsible gardening. 29% 29%
  • Waste in Gardening: Several students saw the value in using waste sustainably in gardens. 26% 26%

Willingness to Educate Others

  • Waste Segregation Advocacy: Like seeds carried by the wind, students pledged to spread the knowledge of waste segregation far and wide, recognizing its vital role in preserving our environment for future generations, with a commendable 81% expressing their readiness to share.
  • Interest in Recycling Techniques: A substantial number (65%) were familiar with waste recycling techniques, indicating their active involvement in environmental conservation.

As these young eco-warriors nurture their green haven, their collective efforts serve as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future, inspiring others to join the movement towards environmental stewardship and conservation.

Environmental Champions in Action

At Government Higher Primary School Srirampura, Headmaster Mr. Shivaramu celebrates the participation of 47 students in their journey towards sustainability through their vibrant V4S garden. Mr. Shivaramu shared his rationale, commenting, “The Veggie4School program educates our students about the importance of nutrition and empowers them to act towards a more sustainable future. By learning how to grow their food in eco-friendly pots, they actively contribute to environmental conservation efforts.”

Gagan S Karthik Nithesh Prajwal Manjunatha Mallikarjuna Nagaraj Mahalakshmi Nikhitha Nirmalamma Ramya Suresha Yamuna Vaishnavi Lakshmi Nagma Khathun Adithya Ajay Amay P Ayyappa Swamy Basavaraj Chaitra Chincholi Eshappa B Girish K M Gausalya Prabhu Harshitha Kumar Bhaskar Kotresh B Madhukumar N P Mehak Mahesha Mallikarjuna Manjunatha Meghana Mohammed Sabareddy M Sabareddy S Sadashiva Sayida Begum Salma Khathun Santhosha N Srikantha Shruthi Suman S K Shwethashree Thirupathi Abhishek