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Veggie4School Summer Camp in Hebbal (Bengaluru): Planting Seeds, Growing Minds

Dutch applied science students Madieke, Alex, Justin, Francis, and Nathan have an exciting proposal: a Veggie4School summer camp in Hebbal. Their goal? To give children an unforgettable summer camp experience filled with fun, learning, and the joy of growing their favorite vegetables.

These students from Leiden, Amsterdam, and Delft, each with different fields of study such as Applied Psychology, Landscape and Environment, Commercial Economics, and Aviation Operations, have come together to develop an interdisciplinary solution that the children of Hebbal will remember for the rest of their lives.

With the help of Sahana, Suvid, and Hemalatha, local agriculture and nutrition experts at Veggie4School, the summer camp offers young children a full day of learning, laughing, and getting their hands dirty.

The day began with Soil Sampling, where the young students Afroja, Sayon, and Julekha learned about different soil types. This was followed by the Soil Layer Experiment, where they dug into the ground to see its layers, sparking their curiosity and expanding their understanding of plants.

During the Clean Water initiative, Tamannah and Sariful showed how to clean water by making simple water filters. In the Compost Pile workshop, the young detectives turned food scraps into compost while Mohammed and Mofizul did a Germination Test that helped new plants grow, improving their gardening skills. 

Seed planting and transplanting activities taught the green fingers how to sustainably care for plants and gardens. The final lesson, Watering Wisely, highlighted the importance of proper watering for plant health and saving water. 

What a great day! The young children are now real garden investigators. The Veggie4School summer camp was full of activities and fun, where the children and the vegetables could grow.

Congratulations to the new garden investigators: Afroja Khatun, Rehan Mondal, Julekha Khatun, Sayon Haldar, Rumpa Mondal, Tamannah Khatun, Sariful SK, Sahajan Mondal, Masud SK, Yasmin Tara Khatun, Mohammed Sahil, Mofizul, Minuyara Khatun, Hasima Khatun, and Halima Khatun.

Please Note: All pictures are used with permission of the parents or caretakers.

Team, Veggie4school