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Green Innovators, In-Depth Student Reflections

As the day began at GKMPS Lingarajapuram, excitement buzzed among the students; a green revolution took root as students from the 6th and 7th grades embraced the call to environmental stewardship under the guidance of dedicated teachers Mr. Mahesh and Mrs. Varalakshmi. Through the Veggie4school Gardens initiative, these young innovators embarked on a journey of discovery, cultivating a deeper appreciation for nature while championing sustainable practices within their community. 

Among the enthusiastic participants were Aishwarya C, Charan R, and Deepa A, who emerged as passionate advocates for environmental conservation. Guided by their teachers and inspired by the Garden Gurus, including Lingappa and Lavanya H, students engaged in gardening, exploring the intricate balance between human activity and ecological well-being. 

Through reflection forms and feedback sessions, students articulated their experiences and aspirations, revealing the profound impact of their journey. 


  • Garden Story Impact: The garden story inspired many, showing deep appreciation for nature’s power. 80% 80%
  • Top Garden Tool: Watering Can was a favourite tool for its practicality in the garden. 55% 55%
  • Safety and Hygiene: Many recognized safety’s role in preventing injuries, showing responsible gardening. 28% 28%
  • Waste in Gardening: Several students saw the value in using waste sustainably in gardens. 66% 66%

Willingness to Educate Others

  • Waste Segregation Advocacy: A commendable 72% of students pledged to share insights on waste segregation, reflecting their commitment to spreading environmental awareness beyond the school walls.
  • Interest in Recycling Techniques: An impressive 69% of students exhibited familiarity with waste recycling solutions, indicative of their proactive stance toward sustainable living. 

As these young Green Innovators continue to nurture their eco-friendly haven, their collective efforts serve as a beacon of hope for a greener and more sustainable future, inspiring others to join the movement toward environmental conservation and stewardship.

Active Participation in the Green Innovators

At Government Kannada Model Primary School of Lingarajapuram, Headmistress Sumathi proudly watches over 100 students as they turn their dreams of a sustainable future into reality through the V4S garden. Mrs Sumathi shared her thoughts on the initiative, expressing, As educators, we need to instil the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits in our students. The Veggie4School program provides a hands-on approach to learning about food production, ensuring that our children understand the value of fresh, locally-grown produce.

Afsaparveen, Aishwarya C, Aishwarya P, Albert Raj, Aliya Banu, Angel B, Anushree D, Archana, R Basavaraju, N Bhagamma, Bhagyashree S,, Bhimamma B, Chandra S, Charan R, Charumadi A, Deepa A, Deepika R,, Durga R, Ganga K, Gurumarilinga R, Hanumanth S, Hasini, Isha Siddiqui I, Isha Siddiqui K, Jyoti S, Kaveri N, Kiran Kubra S, Lavanya H, Lingappa, Mamatha B, Mamatha D, Manikanta, Mizba, Mohammad Ayaan, Mohammad Oma,r Mohammad Saahil, Mohammad Zakir, Muskan M, Nandini N, Nigaraju H, Ningamma D, Nirmala, Nirmala M, Parashuram, Pavithra K, Pavithra M, Pooja P, Prajwal B, Preethi B, Preethi S, Premkumar S, Priya B, Puneeth M, Rachel, Rajeshwari B, Renuka S, Revathi N, Sajiya, Parmin,, Sameera, Sanju M, Shailaja N, Shalini S, Shankar M, Sharanya S, Shivanagamma S, Shyla N, Sinchana S, Sindhu, Sindhu T, Sreedevi, Srinivas G ,Sufeena, Ahamed, Suma S, Sumitra P, Suresh, Swathi S, Yashoda, Zoya D.