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Green Leaders, In-Depth Student Reflections

In the green campus of GHPS Kogilu, a wave of eco-consciousness swept through, led by the enthusiastic students and their mentor, Mr. Thimmegowda, as part of the Veggie4school Gardens initiative. What began as a simple gardening project became a profound journey of environmental stewardship, empowerment, and community engagement.

Among the eager participants were Anusha B, Bhuvan Kumar, and Lakshmi K, who eagerly embraced their roles as Green Guardians, driven by curiosity and a desire to impact their environment positively. Alongside their peers, they embarked on an enlightening journey, discovering the interconnectedness of nature and the significance of sustainable practices.

Under the guidance of Mr. Thimmegowda and the Garden Gurus, including Deeksha and Mahanthesh, students delved into various aspects of gardening and environmental conservation. They learned valuable skills from composting to waste segregation while fostering a deeper connection with nature.

The impact of the Veggie4school Gardens initiative extended beyond the school grounds as Green Guardians shared their newfound knowledge and enthusiasm with their families and communities. Through reflection forms and feedback sessions, students articulated their experiences and aspirations, showcasing the depth of their engagement and the breadth of their impact:


  • Garden Story Impact: The garden story inspired many, showing deep appreciation for nature’s power. 100% 100%
  • Top Garden Tool: The Watering Can was a favorite for its practicality in the garden. 50% 50%
  • Safety and Hygiene: Many recognized safety’s role in preventing injuries, showing responsible gardening. 100% 100%
  • Waste in Gardening: Several students saw the value in using waste sustainably in gardens. 79% 79%

Willingness to Educate Others

  • Waste Segregation Advocacy: A significant portion (64%) strongly committed to sharing the knowledge they gained about waste segregation with others.
  • Interest in Recycling Techniques: A substantial number (64%) were actively involved in recycling waste, demonstrating their commitment to environmental conservation.

As these budding environmental champions continue to nurture their green sanctuary, their collective efforts serve as a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable future, one seedling, one eco-conscious decision at a time.

Active Participation in the Green Leaders

With 16 students rallying behind the V4S garden initiative, Headmaster Thimmegowda of Government Primary School Kogilu showcases what young minds can achieve with determination and a patch of soil. Mr. Thimmegowda articulated his reasons: “The Veggie4School program offers a holistic approach to education by combining lessons in agriculture, nutrition, and sustainability. By participating, our students gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of food systems and the environment.”

Anusha B, Bhimabay, Bhuvan Kumar, Deeksha E, Sharath, Kaveri, Lakshmi K, Mahanthesh, Niveditha, Rekha, Renuka V, Sudakar, Thayappa