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Green Leaders, In-Depth Student Reflections

With the morning breeze, GKMPS KG Halli welcomed students for another day of school, filled with opportunities and growth from Veggie4School. Starting as a simple garden project, it evolved into a deep exploration of environmental stewardship, creativity, and community collaboration.

Participants like Farhan Ahmad, Nizzba Tak, and Arshiya Khanum eagerly took on roles as eco explorers, diving into sustainable living secrets. Along with their peers, they embarked on a journey, realizing the significant impact of their actions on the world.

Guided by Garden Gurus Ghousia K R and Mohammed Farhan, students tackled waste management, composting, and gardening techniques. From nurturing seedlings to making eco-friendly pots, they learned that every small effort contributes to a greener future.

The Veggie4school Gardens initiative’s influence reached beyond the school, as Eco Explorers shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with families and communities. Through reflective exercises and feedback, students expressed their experiences and aspirations, showcasing their involvement’s profound and extensive impact.

  • Garden Story Impact: The garden story inspired many, showing deep appreciation for nature’s power. 81% 81%
  • Top Garden Tool: The hand trowel was a favorite for its practicality in the garden. 56% 56%
  • Safety and Hygiene: Many recognized safety’s role in preventing injuries, showing responsible gardening. 26% 26%
  • Waste in Gardening: Several students saw the value in using waste sustainably in gardens. 33% 33%

Willingness to Educate Others

  • Waste Segregation Advocacy: Nizzba Tak expressed a strong commitment to sharing, stating, “Yes, it is essential,” echoing the sentiment of 81% of students
  • Awareness of Waste Recycling Solutions: 43% of the students revealed their knowledge of waste recycling solutions in their homes and communities, indicating a growing awareness of sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

As these budding environmental champions continue to nurture their green sanctuary, their collective efforts serve as a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable future, one seedling, one eco-conscious decision at a time.

Active Participation of the Green Leaders

With Headmistress Shobha Rani at the helm, Government Kannada Model Primary School KG Halli ‘s 83 young gardeners are sowing the seeds of change in their newly established V4S gardens. Mrs. Shobha elaborated on her motivation: “We were drawn to the Veggie4School program because it offers practical learning experiences that align with our curriculum goals. By teaching children how to plant crops, we are equipping them with valuable skills they can apply both in and out of the classroom.”

Al Shifa, Arshiya Khanum, Aruna, Ayan Khan, Ayaan, Drahan P, Dayan Lorettha, Dinesh R, Dasthagir G A, Farhan Ahmad, Ganesha, Ghousia K R, Jessica J, Jhansi, Keerthana, Krishnamurthy, Korthija M, Mathai Haden M, Mohammed Saif Asif, Menvar Sura Asif, Mohammed Frahan, Mohammed Ayan, Nejaba, Nila, Nizzba Tak, Raheena Khanum, Praveen, Sanjay V, Santhosh, Shahishtha V, Shaik Ibrahim, Sarim Ahmad, Shajab Ahmad, Suniya, Syed Ismail, Syed Jamal Pasha, Shifa Banu, Syed Javeed, Syed Sattar, Tabasum, Touseef, Tasmeen Gheni, Vinay V, Adil Pasha, Affanulla, Afreen, Arafath Khan, Arbaz Khan, Arhiya Banu, Arman Baig, Chaitra M, Chandru, Darshini, Durgesh Kumar, Eliyas Pasha, Fathima Naja, Hajeera Banu, Kulsum, Madesha M, Manoj Kumar, Manoj Haden, Mehak Khanum, Mohammed Farhan, Nikhil, Praveen Kumar, Rakhsitha Ranjan, Rehan Ahmad, Sachin S, Sadiya, Sanjay, Santhosh B, Sharanya, Suresh K, Syed Saif, Tasmiya Afufa, Thaman, Wasim, Ramesh, Gaganashree, Syed Rehaman, Mohammed Nihal, Yuktha