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“Every child a Pot can Change a lot,”🌟

Today, the Miss-Collect team had the opportunity to present our Veggie4School programme to the Dutch Consul General of South India. We explored potential collaborations with Dutch companies in Bengaluru, emphasising our commitment to blending business initiatives with environmental conservation. Our mantra, “Every child a Pot can Change a lot,” underscores this commitment.

We are passionate about immersing students in grades 6-8 in learning experiences that instil essential skills and an appreciation for sustainable practices. In a world where urban jungles often overshadow green spaces, we reintroduce nature into education and daily life.

Our ambitious vision, “BEING PART OF A MOVEMENT THAT PUTS FOOD ON EVERY TABLE, SCHOOLING FOR EVERY CHILD, AND DECENT INCOME FOR ALL THEIR MOTHERS,” has resonated with Consul General Ewout de Wit, Surya Kiran Vaddadi, and Arun Thekkedath, who are now joining our movement.

Alongside Carlo Bakker & Sanchitha Hanumanthappa of Miss-Collect, we strive to embed green living into everyday existence. Each contribution propels us closer to a future where environmental consciousness is innate. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone contributing to this transformative journey! Together, we’re weaving a sustainability, inclusivity, and prosperity narrative. πŸŒΏπŸ’š

Miss-Collect Team