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Pictures shining from Srirampura! 🌟

Today, with the green light 🟒 from our Green Detectives, we’re excited to reveal the cherished moments of our recent Veggie4school workshop in Bengaluru.

15 Students from GHPS Srirampura school: Charan, Karthik, Gagan, Nagma, Nikhitha, Vaishnavi, Mahalakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Bindushree, Reshma, Suresh, Sujatha, Lavanya Geetha and Vinod, asked their parents to agree on sharing their rights to use their pictures in this post:

‘We have dived into a delightful world at the Veggie4School workshop on the 27th of July! With hands in the soil and bright smiles, we explored, learned, and cherished every moment. With pride, we now hold our Veggie4School Certificates! πŸ† While we were eager to share this joy with all of you sooner, respecting privacy and ensuring our safety came first.’

Shoutout to our Detective Students from grades 6 to 8! You’re the heartbeat of Veggie4School, keen to dive into gardening and sustainability. Guided by the expertise of the Miss-Collect team, our Gardening Gurus – especially Sanchitha, Suvid, and Sahana – you’re transforming curiosity into thriving green spaces! 🌟

Community Greenhearts: Our hearts swell with gratitude for: Mr. Shivaram from GHPS Srirampura | Mrs. Nalini from GHPS Srirampura | Mr.Mahesh Yadav from GHPS Lingarajapuram | Mrs. Mahadevi from GHPS Lingarajapuram | Sister Scarlett from Jyothi Convent | Β The members of the India Netherlands Business Circle Bengaluru (INBCB) | Thangaperumal Ponpandi from Terre des hommes Foundation | Siddappa Setty from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment | Surya Kiran Vaddadi from the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands | Ajit Rana Varma from Maspack Limited | Arun Thekkedath from Nuffic Neso India | Krishnan Komandur from Poonawalla Clean City Initiative | and Suchismita Pai from Social Seva Initiatives.

Your support goes beyond mere words; you’ve been passionate participants alongside our young detectives.

Let’s prioritise learning, respect for privacy, and ensuring safety as we continue to grow.

With warmth and gratitude,
Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β 

Miss-Collect Team