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Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change revolves around establishing a sustainable and ethical ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. With our integrated stakeholder solutions approach, we address people’s concerns while ensuring corporates contribute to positive change. We tackle the underlying factors perpetuating child labour and poverty by shifting our focus from income generation to education. Our belief in the transformative power of education drives our commitment to empowering women and creating a brighter future.


In line with this, we have specific initiatives targeting different stakeholder groups:

People Concern: Through “Packaging with a Purpose,” we promote responsible actions such as fair trade, waste reduction, and recycling to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Corporates Return: We invite corporates to join us in creating a sustainable, ethical, and circular economy that prioritises child labour-free supply chains, provides sustainable jobs for women, and embraces environmental responsibility.

Mothers Earn: Education is the key to unlocking sustainable jobs and financial stability. Empowering women through education enables them to secure a better future for themselves and their communities.

Children Learn: Every child deserves access to education. We are committed to ensuring that children previously engaged in child labour have safe and supportive learning environments.

 We aim to create lasting change through these initiatives, promoting education, empowering women, and eradicating child labour while fostering a sustainable future.

 When People Concern, Corporates Return, Mothers Earn, and Children Learn.