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Are you an academic student with a sustainable mind, and do you want to make a difference for women and children in India? Apply for an internship at Miss-Collect.

Miss-Collect is an Indian-Dutch consortium that strives to reduce child labour in the wastepaper collection industry in Pune, India. Miss-Collect believes that; “when people concern, corporates return, mothers earn, and children will learn”!

Due to the booming online sales, annually, 131 billion packages are distributed around the globe and finally delivered to your doorstep, most of whom are packaged in paper boxes. Each household receives an average of 75-100 cartons or paper boxes a year. As a result, the demand and prices for raw materials such as paper pulp skyrocketed and made wastepaper collection a source of income for women and children in India.

To make sure that women get a fair share within the paper value chain and that their children can go to school, Miss-Collects launched the Growing-Pots, a 100% circular solution that provides food on every table, schooling for every child and income for all.

Become part of this international team that contributes to a sustainable paper value chain, protect human rights (women and children), and positively impact the environment. You will mainly work remotely and gain experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research, writing progress reports, implementing an international marketing and communication strategy, organizing online workshops, consortium meetings, and stakeholders’ presentations. During your internship, you will also connect and interact with professionals from international corporates, academic institutions, governments and NGO’s.

Are you in the last phase of your bachelor- or master studies in the direction of sustainability, economics, international studies or law? And are you ready for a future in an international public- and private environment?

We welcome an enthusiastic, communicative and structured people’s person, advanced in both English speaking and writing. Available for a minimum of 24 hours a week for a period of six months.

Send your CV and motivation letter before 10 January  to judith@misscollect.org

This is a paid internship (monthly compensation of 500 Euros’)

If you have any questions, you can contact the same mail address