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Stories that Matter

 The second wave of COVID-19 hit extremely hard in India, and more specifically, Maharashtra. Not only did this result in significant health hazards for large fractions of society, but it also meant a strict lockdown. No one was allowed to work and had to remain inside. Our Indian partners on the ground, Kashtakari Panchayat and Swach, work with one of the most vulnerable groups in society; female waste-pickers. They mentioned that due to the lockdown in the municipality of Pune, the women did not receive any form of income. Putting food on the table for their families became a matter of extreme difficulty, and circumstances were dire for many families.

However, you helped us make a change in the most challenging times. Because of your donation, Miss-Collect can help female waste-pickers alleviate their most urgent needs. This entails sanitation packages to combat the spread of COVID-19 and education kits for their children to stay in school and learn whilst being at home. Your donation resulted in the education of children today but has an impact that lasts forever.

We would like to thank you from all consortium partners of Miss-Collect and all beneficiaries for your generous donation! Kashtakari Panchayat has collected various photos and personal stories of the beneficiaries your donation helped. You can find them below! 

Stories that Matter

We will sail through the pandemic!

Pramila Umap is a waste collector, similar to her husband Ashok. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Pramila notes that the family had to cut down on basic expenses like food and milk to sustain themselves. On top of that, her husband had to undergo surgery on his leg, which cost the family many of their savings. The crowdfunding provided a cash support for Pramila and her family, which she can spend on the medical expenses for her family and the transportation costs of receiving the 2nd dose of her vaccine. “Two days ago, I received cash support of INR 2750 in my bank account. I am grateful to the well-wishers and supporters who have decided to look out for us waste pickers in this time of need.”


Protecting ourselves in order to protect the city!

Kavita Ashok Fasage has started collecting waste since 2019. Both her husband and Kavita have worked throughout the lockdown, exposing themselves to the risks of the infection. “We cannot stop working. It’s that simple. What we can do is work with adequate protective gear which will ensure safety for us and the citizens we interact with. The Crowdfunding provided the sanitation package of 2 pairs of gloves, 5 soaps, 2 cloth masks and sanitizers to both Kavita and her husband.

Kavita’s reaction to the Crowdfunding is the following: “I am grateful that many people have acknowledged our work and the need to provide protective gear to us.”