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“All Hands On Deck” 

Thursday, June 10th  11.30 – 13.30 CET

One of the ten children becomes the victim of child labour. Despite a decrease in child labourers during the past 20 years, ILO predicts that COVID will have a devastating impact on the progress. They fear that due to inequality, economic activity amongst children will increase excessively, with all the consequences for the future and livelihood of these children.

To prevent this from happening, Miss-Collect will organize an ‘All Hands On Deck” workshop.  Professionals with a sustainable mind (entrepreneurs, policymakers and students) will join efforts to learn from the past and co-create an all-inclusive child labour free ‘theory of change”.


We will start from the theory that if we want to reduce child labour and increase education enrolment, we need to ensure an adequate income for the caretakers by incorporating them into the earning capacity of the end products. This theory originates from the following roadmap: Detecting child labourers, Protecting their education, and Connecting their caretakers to good earning possibilities will result in an Impact that benefits all


We will test this theory in practice with a female waste-pickers cooperative in Pune in sub-groups. These women work seven hours a day collecting wastepaper for solely 5 euros per week, unknown to what end products or earning capacity could benefit them and their children. Simultaneously, children are working instead of receiving an education in school, which reduces their prospects later in life.

Co-Creating an Impact

The multidisciplinary teams will research the; social, economic, and environmental impact that theory of change has on both the industry and the waste pickers and their children. By incorporating varying perspectives, we can generate a holistic overview on why we are looking for change and how to achieve this. Our joint effort corresponds to the ‘World Day Against Child Labour 2021’ on June 12th.