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The awareness that child labour exists is growing, but the question remains: how do we track down victims of child labour and provide them with prospects for their future? This is the reason why Miss-Collect wants to develop the Child Labour Alert, and we need your help!

We want to challenge local and multinational NGO’s, sustainable-minded people and you to help us find the ideal solution to the following question: how do we detected child labour? but also how can we provide with positive opportunities (such as education) that impacts their futures?

Upcoming Events

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Learn more about the community

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The Child Labour Alert application will then be implemented and operate in cooperation with local and multinational NGO’s, and is available to all.  By developing this child labour alert application, all people like yourself can identify suspicious companies that include child labour and exploit hard-working families. Together, we can detect where and how many children are working, we can take them out of such harmful circumstances. 

SDG 4 and 8: EDUCATION AND DECENT WORK: Target 8.7 stipulates that all child labour should be eradicated by 2025. At the same time, victims of child labour should be protected and provided for by receiving an opportunity to education.

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The purpose of the hackathon event is to challenge all involved to find a creative solution to detect and prevent child labour. In addition, we would like to generate ideas how to provide victims of child labour with more positive prospects. We are enthusiastic to hear your ideas!